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Managing online tutoring business is difficult. LiveBoard makes it easy with its enterprise platform exclusively designed for online tutoring organizations and learning centers. It offers everything from efficient scheduling and streamlined operations to cutting-edge remote teaching.

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Efficient Scheduling

Simplify appointment booking, customize schedules across time zones, optimize teaching hours, and minimize gaps. LiveBoard’s robust scheduling system ensures seamless coordination of tutors and students, eliminating the hassle of manual scheduling and reducing administrative overhead.

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Progress Reports

Monitor student progress with LiveBoard's tracking feature. Keep tabs on attendance, track performance, and generate insightful reports to provide valuable feedback to tutors and ensure academic growth for students.

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Effortless Payroll Management

Say goodbye to manual calculations and payroll headaches! Track tutor hours, generate invoices, and securely process transactions, ensuring timely and accurate compensation for tutors and a seamless payment experience for students and parents.

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Seamless Communication

Stay connected with tutors, students, and parents through LiveBoard's built-in communication tools. Utilize instant messaging and email notifications to coordinate schedules, address concerns, and provide updates, fostering strong relationships and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Seamless communication

Branded virtual classrooms

LiveBoard offers the best branded virtual classrooms and toolsets, equipping your tutors with the necessary features to deliver engaging and interactive lessons online. Our platform supports real-time collaboration, screen sharing, whiteboarding, recording and file sharing, enabling tutors to create an immersive virtual learning environment.

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Main benefits of using LiveBoard

Efficient management

Streamlined operations, enhanced communication, and top-notch tutoring experience for students, and parents

Safe & secure environmnet

All communication stays within the app. Personal contact details stay private and confidential.

Empowered tutors

Provide your tutors with an all-in-one simple tool to enjoy their teaching process.

Open LiveBoard, close all the other tabs

Manage all aspects of your business on one single platform and focus on your core mission - growing your tutoring venture!

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Our users trust LiveBoard

Thomas Downie

Thomas Downie

Belrose Tutoring Academy CEO

I have been utilizing LiveBoard's services for more than three years now, and I can unequivocally say that it has substantially impacted my tutoring business. The ease of use, excellent user interface, and compatibility with tablet devices are a few features that set LiveBoard apart from similar companies. One of the prominent features of LiveBoard is the ability to create and share informative and engaging notes with students at the end of the session, a function that has been instrumental in helping students retain information. To anyone considering using LiveBoard's tutoring platform, I strongly recommend it as one of the most advanced and well-constructed online whiteboards available in the market.

Lauren Newman

Lauren Newman

President of EduCan, Inc. Tutoring

Thank you, LiveBoard, for providing me with such a wonderful tutoring tool! I am able to share and engage in real-time math sessions with the high schoolers I tutor. You have shown personalized attention by assisting me in adapting your tools to suit my needs. Your ongoing commitment to customer care and product improvement is commendable. I appreciate the ability to save my work ahead of time and in real-time while working with students. I highly recommend LiveBoard to all educators and students. Thank you once again

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