Your handy whiteboard for classroom teaching

Share your knowledge & ideas in live mode. Make your classroom teaching more visually enriched and memorable. Help your students better understand the topics and prepare for the exams.

classroom teaching
classroom teaching

Let students interact

classroom teaching use case
Give the students the chance to work together on the shared problems and keep all their notes for the future reference without spending learning time transcribing the key things from the blackboard. Make them more engaged while helping each other and giving direct questions to you via direct chat and audio call.

Enjoy easy teaching

classroom teaching use case
Invite all your students and enjoy teaching while being away from the board. Record your lessons and easily share them with the whole class or parents. Help the students review new topics for better understanding and further exam preparations. Let even absent students be an active part of the lesson as if they were in the classroom.

Maintain your lessons for online tutoring

Keep all your teaching materials in one place. Doing so, you will have the chance to use them for new classes or one-one sessions with absent students. Besides that, you can always make up your mind about switching to online tutoring. Why not be prepared?

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