Zoom Integration at LiveBoard


The Zoom integration allows you to start an instant video meeting or join a meeting directly from within a board without a need to change tabs or share screens.

As soon as you connect your Zoom account to your LiveBoard profile, you can seamlessly start the video sessions with LiveBoard participants.


  • Any type of a Zoom account
  • Premium plan subscription of LiveBoard app

Note: During the call only the active board is available to participants.

Connecting Zoom account

Open LiveBoard app and create a board. Click on the “Share” icon to invite participants.

Click on the “Call” icon and choose the “Video Call” option. If it is the first time you are using the video call option, you would need to connect your Zoom account to your LiveBoard profile. To do so, click on the “Connect account” button and Sign in to continue.

This action will be performed only once. When connected, the Zoom account details will remain active for LiveBoard, until disconnected, and you will always see a Zoom profile card in the dialog.

Starting a call

Once the account is connected click on the “Start” button to start the video call.

Thus, the order of the actions to start a video call within LiveBoard is the following

  1. Create a board
  2. Share the board with participants
  3. Click/tap on the Call button
  4. Choose Video Call
  5. Connect your Zoom account
  6. Start the call

Joining the call

Once you start the call, your board participants will see a notification suggesting to Join the video session.

Rejoining the call

If you are dropped out of the Zoom call due to an unstable connection or any other temporary technical issues, you can always Rejoin the call by entering the board you started the call from.

Ending the call

To end the call simply click on the End Call button.

Disconnecting Zoom account

To remove your Zoom account from LiveBoard you simply need to click the “Disconnect” button on the Zoom profile section within the “Call” dialog or from your Profile settings.

Frequently asked questions

“I don’t see the call button within the board”

You should first share the board. The call button should appear right next to the page box.

“Do I need to create a meeting link before starting the session?”

No, you simply need to start the video call and the board participants will get a notification to “Join” the call instantly.