Grow your online tutoring business with LiveBoard

Interact with your students via live and audio chat. Make every student an active part of the lesson. Enjoy live online tutoring with our real-time whiteboard app.

Organize your tutoring effectively

Create groups with predefined members for different subjects such as Precalculus, Algebra and Geometry. Keep all your lessons in one place and reuse them with new students.

Make your lessons more interactive

online tutorial use case
Let students learn easily and become better at memorizing by seeing more visuals. Make them an active part of the lesson through direct Q&As and talks with each other. Get first-hand feedback and change your teaching based on your students’ needs.

Start gaining your next students now

Record your lessons and share the best ones on Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn. Let your potential students and their parents see how you teach and choose you. Create the base for your online tutoring business from the very beginning.

Educate on your terms

Tutor from any place and anytime with your favourite device. Location and timing are no longer an obstacle.

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