Get maximum out of LiveBoard by checking our Video Tutorials

1. Getting started with LiveBoard

In Tutorial 1, you will get to know the basics of using LiveBoard. You will learn how to create an account and verify it. Then you will be shown how to create a blank layout board, change its orientation, and add new pages. After creating the board, you'll explore its main tools such as drawing, adding text or geometric shapes, filling the latter with colour & uploading newly taken images or uploading other images from your desired location. You will also know how to invite participants to join the live session. Choosing the gridline from dots, lines, a grid or plain whiteboard is also covered. In the end, you would love to see the options of unlimited undo and redo as well as cleaning all your board with one single click.

Basics covered, let’s move forward
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2. Sessions & Collaborations

In Lesson 2 we'll guide you through LiveBoard's most valuable feature Learning collectively. To do so, we'll open one of the current boards, share it. Later we'll invite participants to join the live session. Besides, we will demonstrate features like archiving your presentation into a read-only option for a later review, stopping the current session as well as joining a new one. Wanna learn how to check your participants' list joining the lesson or giving permissions to the participants? We have your back. No worries! Finally, you'll see how easy it is to interact with your students through pointer action tool, live chat as well as Voice Call feature (for Premium accounts).

Bon voyage to your new online tutoring experience!
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3. Groups & Members

In Lesson 3 we will tackle groups and members. After watching this tutorial, you will learn how to create, edit and delete a group, add, move or remove the members within the groups as well as name them. We will also help you grow your online tutoring business by recording your desired lessons and then sharing them via social platforms. You will also get to know how to move a live session board by stopping the session, copying it to your boards and finally being able to move this copy to any of your active groups.

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4. PDF support and Recording lessons

During Lesson 4 we will demonstrate how to import/export PDF files, record your actions and share it as a lesson with the students. You will also learn how to make your PDF remain intact, export boards as a multi-page PDF file to share, save it to your Google Drive or attach it to an email. We will show you how local recording works(uploading video on YouTube, saving it to Google Drive, sharing it through other mediums). And as quality always matters, we’ll also demonstrate you how to pick the desired resolution for your screen capturing to make everything on your boards, PDF files clear.

Seems all for now. Wait for new “How-To”s. Coming soon!