Turn your static lessons into an animated video

Record your live lessons or make video tutorials with our user-friendly whiteboard app. Share them on soc. media and gain personal brand recognition.

Video tutoring background mobile

Insert images, documents to make your presentations more impressive

Use all kinds of materials(JPEG, JPG, PNG images and PDF files) to make your ideas easier to understand. Whether you want to upload files before the class starts or during the session we have your back.

Draw, highlight everything you want to share with your students

With our user-friendly drawing toolset it’s so easy. Color your text with the predefined colors or choose yours. Use bold, italics or underline to draw the student’s attention. Erase anything you find unnecessary with the eraser tool or clear the whole page with 1 click. Make your math classes more impressive with handy tools of geometric shapes like square, oval, perfect circle and line shape.

No worries about space

Create as many boards as you need. Give access to whoever you want and whenever you want. You can also invite the parents if you wish.

Record on the go and share your videos with the classroom as you finish

Record your live sessions and share them with your students for a later review or make them publicly available via sharing them on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Give other people a chance to get to know your teaching style. The more people engaged the more prosperous your business become.

Teach with your favourite device

Choose your favorite device. Share your knowledge from your home, airport or even cafe.

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Want to turn your static lessons into an animated video?