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I can't verify my account.

After you create a LiveBoard account, you will get a verification email. When you click the verification link, you will be redirected to the verification confirmation page.
  • If you have successfully been redirected to the verification page and have seen the "Account Verified" message, then go back to your application and refresh the page (if you are using web version) or close and reopen the mobile app.
  • If you don't get a verification email, then you can click "Resend" within the application.
  • If you still don't get the email after resending, please, check your Spam folder as sometimes verification emails are moved there.
  • If nothing is found in the spam folder as well, then send an email to us via from your account email address. We will then verify your account manually. Sometimes email providers block emails.

Can I change my email address?

Currently, we don't provide the function of changing the email address. But there are 2 use cases when an email change can occur, however. If you have just created an account and found out you used a wrong email address, the easiest way is deleting the account and creating a new one with the correct email. In the second case, if you have already created boards, recordings and need to keep all of them and only want to change the email address, then contact our support, and we will do it manually for you.

How can I delete my account?

If you have a duplicate account or want to stop using LiveBoard, you can delete your account from the Settings page.

Can I recover my data after deleting account?

No, you can't. Once the account is deleted we remove all your data from our servers. This is a requirement of GDPR policy, and LiveBoard takes privacy seriously.

Can I access my data from differrent devices?

Yes, you can. You can use the same account to login from differrent devices. However, we have limitations on the app, which will not allow using the same account for starting simulationous sessions on the same time.

Do my students also have to pay?

No, only the host (educator/institution/company representative) pays for the app. We have designed all our premium features the way that students do not have to pay for any feature.

When my trial ends, will I be automatically charged?

It works slightly different in case of mobile and web solutions.
  • When you activate the free trial of your chosen paid plan from your mobile app, you already have your card account attached to your Google Play or Apple account. And when the trial period ends, your card is automatically debited by the amount of the service fee.
  • In case of using our web solution, you can activate the free trial without a credit/debit card. And when the free trial finishes, you are asked to fill your card details.

Do you have any discounts for COVID-19 period?

We have already designed special plans, including Classroom plan with a discounted pricing for COVID-19 period and unique School plan.

Can I change my current plan if I still have several days left to use?

Currently, if you have an active plan when you cancel it by stopping your subscription, it will still be active till the end of your paid period. And only after that, you can change the plan. Now we are working to allow upgrading plans automatically, but if you have purchased a wrong plan accidentally, you can still Contact our support team to solve this issue.

Are there any other hidden fees or taxes?

No, there are no hidden fees. However, Google Play and App Store may have a bit different currency calculations and taxes per country.

How many students can I teach with my plan if there are strict limitations?

The limitation of the students' number is only for one session. This means you can invite as many students as you want independent of the plan but in several sessions.

Can I record video lessons with LiveBord?

Yes, you can. We have two types of recording options:
  • Local recording in case of which you record your device screen with your voice while not being in a live session.
  • Live session recording. The latter records the shared board with all participants' audio tracks.
Here you need the Local recording, which is available in a Free plan.

Can I record my live sessions?

Yes, Live session recordings are available for all plans that have audio support. Currently, those plans are Online Tutoring and Online Tutoring Pro.

Can I access my recordings from another device?

If you used one of our paid plans, then yes. We store all the recordings of premium users on the server. This later allows you to log in from any device and platform and have access to all of your records.

Can I share recorded lessons with a group?

This feature is currently in development and will be released very soon. Once released, you can share the recorded lessons with the group and all your group members will have access to that recording. As for now, you can share your live session recordings with them.

Is there a limit on the storage of the recordings?

For Free users, the device storage limits it. For Premium users, we provide unlimited storage on our cloud servers.

Can I change the recording quality?

Yes, for local recording we have an option of changing the quality from your mobile application settings. For live sessions' recording, we automatically choose the most optimal parameters on the server.

Can I download recorded session?

Yes, you can. While the recording is a part of paid plans, the download is available for all users, including joined users.

Why do I get low-quality videos after uploading my recordings on YouTube?

When you upload a video, it will initially be processed in low resolution. Higher resolutions, such as 4K or 1080p, can take more time to process(sometimes even hours). The best practice, in this case, is having the high-resolution video uploading as unlisted and making it public once the processing is complete.

What is a session code? Where should I get it?

The session code is an automatically generated five-digit unique code created by the system when the host creates a lesson. You only need it, if you are going to join the session, you have been invited. In this case, the host who has created the session should send you the session code. However, if you are not joining any session, you don't need a session code to use the app. You can create your boards and work on a whiteboard without any session code. Watch our Tutorials for more details.

Can I invite as many participants as I want in one session?

Currently, only 2 plans support the unlimited number of participants in 1 session - Classroom plan (good for classroom teaching) and School plan (good for schools, universities and other educational institutions). Those 2 plans don’t support audio chat but you can get the maximum value of them by combining with audio/video tools like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts.

Can students join a session w/o creating accounts?

Yes, they can if you invite them to join the session via a public link.

Can I control my students drawing rights during a session?

Yes, you can. From participants tab, you can enable/disable drawing permissions for each students individually.

Can I mute my students during a session?

Not for now, but this features is on our priority backlog, and we will release that soon.

Can I enable/disable chat during a live session?

Yes, of course. You can enable/disable the chat either before starting the lesson or anytime you want during the session.

Do you provide an audio call?

Yes, we provide audio call in the frames of Online Tutoring and Online Tutoring Pro. However, you can also use other audio call providing services with Classroom and School plans.

How can I write Math formulas?

Glad to say that recently, we’ve added the LaTeX Formula Editor at LiveBoard to help you create beautiful equations and formulas. It’s quite powerful for the educators who are already familiar with the Editor but if you are a newbie, we’ll advise you to firstly get to know the popular formulas by subjects you may need along with the commands. No worries, you’ll always have access to them during the lesson on your Editor window.

Are there any prerequisites to use the Latex Editor within LiveBoard?

To start using the Editor, just make sure that you and the students joining you use LiveBoard version 4.22 and higher for Android devices and 4.23 and higher for the iOS devices. There are no pre requirements for our web platform.

What equations can I write with the LaTeX Formula Editor?

With the Editor, you can create different formulas including the most popular ones from Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Geometry, Physics, Signal Processing, Statistics and Trigonometry. Here you can find the most widely used formulas for the mentioned subjects.

How can I remember the codes and commands to quickly use them?

No worries, we know that sometimes it can take time to get used to the LaTeX Formula Editor so we have your back. You’ll always have access to the most popular equations along with the cheat sheet of commands on your LaTeX Editor window. Btw you can also edit the formula once created and duplicate it for a further use during the lesson. And if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact our account manager - Ani. She’d guide you through.

Can I import a PDF document?

Yes, you can create a board directly from PDF. This is available for all Premium plans, in the Free plan you can only export single page.

Can we export all pages of the board as PDF?

Yes, PDF export is available in all Plans, including Free plan. You can export any board as PDF.

Can I import other document types like Word, PPT?

No, currently we support only PDF import. But there is an easy workaround for this. You can convert all documents to PDF and use in LiveBoard.

Can I add PDF files to existing boards?

Currently this feature is not available yet, but we are planning to add it soon. For now you just can only choose a PDF when creating a board.

Can I add additional pages to PDF board?

Sure, once PDF is imported, it becomes a regular LiveBoard board, and you can add/remove new pages.

Is LiveBoard safe for kids?

Yes, absolutely. Our users' security is one of our high priorities. We don't have special certificates yet, but we comply with the essential standards:
  • we don't collect any personal identification information
  • we don't track our users' location we don't share any data with the third parties
  • we don't have any kid sensitive content we don't allow your kid to interact with strangers

How secure the LiveBoard is?

LiveBoard has high-security standards, since we use only world-class cloud services, such as AWS, Google all our data is stored on the cloud, and we don't have anything local that could be leaked all our data is transferred via SSL and we store all sensitive data encrypted

Are you GDPR compliant?

Not yet. We don't have the official compliance certification, but we comply for all the main GDPR requirements.

How can I learn how LiveBoard works?

The easiest and quickest way to understand LiveBoard basics is watching our Video Tutorials (link to Knowledge Base Page).

Can I request a demo?

Yes, sure, if after watching our tutorials you still have questions, we can organize a demo session with Q&A for you.

How can I quickly get answer to my questions while writing to the support team?

The Support Team tries to get back to you as soon as possible. However, there is one thing you can do to help us shorten that time- when writing to us, please, make sure to write from your LiveBoard registered email.

There are several features that will make my experience better? Who should I talk to?

We are always glad to receive feedback. Thus, if there is something that you think can make LiveBoard better for you, please, let us know by submitting your idea.
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