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LiveBoard is an easy-to-use online tutoring software that provides all the tools you need to successfully teach online and manage your daily tutoring routine․

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LiveBoard is an online tutoring platform that provides tutors with a powerful set of tools to engage students, create interactive lessons, and collaborate in real-time. Here tutors create virtual classrooms and make video calls to interact with students, upload documents, visuals, and more. Tutors can also track student progress, create quizzes and test activities. LiveBoard enables tutors to provide high-quality, interactive tutoring sessions to students no matter where they are located.

Online Teaching
online teaching use case

LiveBoard helps schools increase student engagement, foster collaboration, and streamline their teaching processes by helping teachers create more engaging and interactive lessons, as well as monitor student progress and provide feedback. LiveBoard also allows teachers to create a safe and secure learning environment with all the tools to interact and make learning fun and enjoyable.

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No complicated interface or features. Students focus on learning without struggling with the technology.

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One click to share. One click to join. Simple.

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Easy catch-up on missed lessons or review concepts with available lesson recordings and exported PDFs.

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Availability on all platforms and devices. No need to buy special devices to join lessons.

Educators trust us
Maria Mandala

Maria Mandala

Maths Teacher

Simple & awesome! Great experience with this app, convenient in online teaching specially in writing mathematical problems. Integrating Desmos graph editor was just a brilliant idea!

Samir Walid

Samir Walid

Online Teacher

Finally, the best boards for teachings. I love how my students can collaborate on the board with me! I laugh when remembering how I was teaching before switching to your platform. Thank you!



Typeset and align equations, matrices and fractions, insert complex formulas with in-built LaTeX formula editor whether you are an experienced user or a newbie.


Enjoy flexible handwriting with Wacom's technology to give you the natural feel and superior performance when teaching online.


Visualize Math concepts with an in build graphing calculator. Graph and animate functions, plot data, explore equations from lines to parabolas.

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