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LimitedFor students and tutors to explore features


Up to 5 Boards
Up to 5 Shared Board
Up to 5 Recordings
1 Student per Session
Import PDF
Public Link Sharing
IndividualFor 1-on-1 teaching

$ 9.99

$ 7.49

/monthbilled annually
Unlimited Boards
Unlimited Sharing
Unlimited Recordings
1 Student per Session
Group Management
Audio/Video Call
Import/Export PDF
Public Link Sharing
Small GroupFor tutoring groups

$ 19.99

$ 14.99

/monthbilled annually
Everything in the Individual plan, plus:
Up to 4 Students
Interactive Quizzes
Students' Interaction Control
Large GroupFor classroom-like experience

$ 29.99

$ 22.49

/monthbilled annually
Everything in the Small Group plan, plus:
Up to 10 Students
Students' Presence Tracking
custom plan
For schools, organizations or any customized set of features
Users should be able to contact us to create a custom plan for their needs. That plan type can be paid only yearly
Multiple teacher accounts
More than 10 students
and more

Commonly Asked Questions About Pricing

Do my students also have to pay?

No, only the host (educator/institution/company representative) pays for the app. We have designed all our premium features the way that students do not have to pay for any feature.

When my trial ends, will I be automatically charged?

It works slightly different in case of mobile and web solutions.
  • When you activate the free trial of your chosen paid plan from your mobile app, you already have your card account attached to your Google Play or Apple account. And when the trial period ends, your card is automatically debited by the amount of the service fee.
  • In case of using our web solution, you can activate the free trial without a credit/debit card. And when the free trial finishes, you are asked to fill your card details.

Do you have any discounts for COVID-19 period?

We have already designed special plans, including Classroom plan with a discounted pricing for COVID-19 period and unique School plan.

Can I change my current plan if I still have several days left to use?

Currently, if you have an active plan when you cancel it by stopping your subscription, it will still be active till the end of your paid period. And only after that, you can change the plan. Now we are working to allow upgrading plans automatically, but if you have purchased a wrong plan accidentally, you can still Contact our support team to solve this issue.

Are there any other hidden fees or taxes?

No, there are no hidden fees. However, Google Play and App Store may have a bit different currency calculations and taxes per country.

How many students can I teach with my plan if there are strict limitations?

The limitation of the students' number is only for one session. This means you can invite as many students as you want independent of the plan but in several sessions.

Do you have special offers or discounts for schools for the COVID-19 period?

Yes, we have recently created a special plan to help schools and classroom teachers overcome current educational challenges. In the frames of that plan, we offer 2 months free for the annual plan and 2 brand new features - Live Presence and Interactive Questions. The first one will let the teachers monitor the real presence of the students and the second one will let asking interactive questions and getting results of the whole class just in seconds. You can learn more here.

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