Top 9 New Ways of Teaching Math You Should Try

26 June 2022
Math Tutoring
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Mathematics is one of those subjects that causes anxiety for many people. It can be challenging to wrap your head around the different concepts and methods. However, new ways of teaching can make mathematics easier to understand. Here are nine modern methods that you should try today:

1. Visual Aids

One of the best new ways to teach mathematics is to use visual aids. It can be anything from charts and graphs to videos and images. Using visual aids can help your students see concepts in a new light and understand them better.

Furthermore, visual aids students can observe and work on are very effective in helping students grasp and memorize concepts. Using LiveBoard, you can import images and PDF documents into your digital whiteboard, modify them to your liking, and allow your students to work on them in real time.

Insert and rotate image on whiteboard

2. Technology

Another great new way to teach mathematics is to use technology. There are a lot of great resources out there to help your students learn and understand vital concepts. You can use online calculators and apps to help your students with their math. It will streamline the learning process for your students and enhance your teaching in general.

For example, LiveBoard allows you to represent complex formulas in a built-in graph calculator. Similarly, you and your students can create mathematical formulas directly in the app with LiveBoard’s LaTeX formula editor.

LiveBoard graph editor tools

3. Games

Games can help your students learn in a fun and interactive way. There are many great math games out there you can use to help students learn. Your classes can also use games to review concepts your students have already learned.

For example, Math Smash: Animal Rescue is a great way to review mathematical concepts with your students. The game allows students to practice their math skills in a fun and competitive way.

4. Manipulatives

Manipulatives are objects your students can use to help them understand concepts, and will mainly be helpful for elementary school pupils. There are many great manipulatives out there to help students learn faster, like colored tiles, counters, cubes, and counting sticks and bears.

While such manipulatives are generally physical, since we’re speaking about “new ways,” we should highlight the digital versions. For example, you can draw any geometrical shape in LiveBoard with easy-to-use dedicated tools. In the case below, the digital tiles help students make sense of the addition process.

Colored tiles in LiveBoard

5. Real-Life Examples

One of the best new ways to teach mathematics is to use real-life examples. Showing your students how they can apply their learning concepts in real life can help them better understand and remember concepts. To take it a step further, you can try practical learning activities or experiential learning, ensuring a better understanding of a given topic.

6. Graphic Organizers

Another new way to teach mathematics is to use graphic organizers. Graphic organizers can help your students organize and reflect on their learning information. There are many graphic organizers out there you can use to help your students learn faster and recall more.

You can insert a graphic organizer in a PDF or image format into LiveBoard and allow your students to work on it. An example of such a graphic organizer, retrieved from ThoughtCo, is presented in the screenshot below. You can duplicate the image as many times as you want on the infinite canvas, or even create separate boards for each if you have groups of students.

Graphic organizer in LiveBoard

7. Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning has students work together in groups to learn. It can help your students understand concepts better and build teamwork skills.

One of the primary objectives of LiveBoard is to increase interactivity and engagement in an online space between educators and students, as well as among students themselves. As a tutor, you can give your students access to use the tools in the app, with which they can cooperate on the assigned tasks. Make sure to check the box that says “drawing access for participants upon entry.”

Give access in LiveBoard

8. Inquiry-Based Learning

Another new way to teach mathematics is to use inquiry-based learning. Inquiry-based learning involves students being given a problem to solve and having to figure out the answer independently. This can help your students think critically and learn how to find information on their own.

9. Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction involves tailoring your instructions to meet the needs of each individual student. This can help your students learn at their own pace and ensure they get the most out of your instruction.

One method for developing a better-customized approach for students is to assess their knowledge and learn more about their preferences. In such cases, you can use LiveBoard’s quiz maker tool, which will allow you to form your questions (as many as you wish in one quiz) and answer choices (single or multiple), set the time, and track students’ performance in the process.

LiveBoard quiz for online tutoring


Using new ways of teaching mathematics can be a great way to help your students learn. Test these methods and see how they can help your students. Who knows, you might just find that your students are getting better grades in no time!

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