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12 August 2022
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Do you have what it takes to be a great tutor? Many parents are looking for the perfect tutor for their children, and they will look at your personal statement to decide whether you’re the right person for the job. To help you succeed, let’s discuss how to write a professional personal statement for a tutoring job.

“Selling” Yourself Versus Being Truthful

When you are writing your personal statement, it’s important to remember you’re “selling” yourself to the parents. It may sound crude but tutors are service providers, meaning you are essentially selling a service. And like any skilled salesperson, you need to ensure what you’re selling is attractive to the buyer.

This is where many people get caught up. They try to “sell” themselves by writing self-praising statements about their prowess, how capable they are as an individual, and how they possess all the necessary qualities of a great tutor. This creates a two-fold problem: first, it comes across as insincere, and second, it sets an impossible standard to live up to.

Personal Statement Tutoring Tips

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It is important to be truthful in your personal statement. Let’s look at some tips on how to do this and take your tutoring proficiency to higher levels!

Tip #1 Be Specific About Your Experience

Don’t just say you have been tutoring for “a few years.” People like specifics and clear statements. How many years? What subjects have you tutored? Are you a certified teacher? The more specific you are the better.

Parents can see through claims that are too vague, which will only hurt your chances of getting the job.

Tip #2 Use Simple Language

When writing your personal statement for tutoring jobs, it’s important to use language everyone understands. However, this doesn’t mean tutors should dumb down their language. The key is to avoid unnecessarily complicated words.

Keep your language simple, clear and concise. This will help parents understand what you are trying to say and decide whether you’re a good fit for their children.

Tip #3 Be Truthful Yet Convincing

Tutoring is not easy and requires a lot of dedication and passion. Parents are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and genuinely cares about their children’s education and wellbeing.

Tip #4 Offer a Free Trial Lesson

One of the best ways to prove you’re a great tutor is to offer a free trial lesson. This will allow parents to see for themselves how you work and explain the material. Having basic lesson presentation skills means understanding how to capture and keep your students’ attention.

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Pro Tip: Tutors who use modern learning tools are several times more likely to get new students. Incorporating an interactive whiteboard into your lessons will help your students stay engaged and motivated, reflecting positively on your reputation.

Tip #5 Create a Digital CV

Nowadays, almost every business is partially or fully operating online. There are approximately 5.03 billion Internet users worldwide, equivalent to 63.1% of the world’s total population. These numbers once again stress the importance of having an online personal statement for tutoring jobs.

With such a shift to online, it only makes sense to have an online presence as a tutor. In fact, the global private tutoring market is expected to grow to $201.8 billion by 2026, making it one of the fastest-growing industries to join. But here’s the deal – what makes you stand out from other tutors?

Many parents will look for tutors on websites and online directories. Thus, creating a professional website, blog or online profile is one of the best ways to market yourself as a tutor and attract new students.

Moreover, it’s wise to keep an updated CV at hand for sharing with potential clients. Make sure to include your relevant experience, qualifications, and skills. As a tutor you should also include a professional photo of yourself on your CV.

The Importance of Your Personal Statement for Professional Development

A personal statement is an efficient way to show who you are as a person and tutor. It should be engaging, convincing, and, most importantly – truthful. Keep in mind that parents entrust you with their children’s education and want to feel their children are in good hands.

Having the enhanced skills needed to write a personal and professional statement is important not only for private tutoring but also for college and graduate admissions. Tutors must introduce themselves in the best light to get the desired results.

Writing admissions essays and personal statements could be challenging, but there are many ways to improve your writing skills. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Invest in self-education. Take online courses, read professional literature, and practice writing as much as possible. Look for modern digital solutions to enhance your tutoring sessions. Tools like LiveBoard help hundreds of thousands of tutors worldwide deliver interactive and engaging online lessons. From an infinite board to a student attention tracker and online lesson recording, LiveBoard has everything you need to make a great impression and get new clients.
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  1. Seek feedback. Get feedback from your friends, family, or fellow students. Find a tutor or colleague to help you edit and improve your personal statement.

Remember that a personal statement is your chance to shine and market yourself in the best possible light. Think about what qualities make a great tutor. Are you patient? Do you have experience with teaching children? Do you have extensive knowledge in the subject you are teaching? Are you able to effectively communicate with children and help them overcome learning challenges?

Answer the questions above to form an ideal personal statement for tutoring. Don’t be outlandish. Instead, keep it simple, concise, and focused on how you can benefit the students.

Do you have any other effective tips for personal statement tutoring? Share your thoughts with other tutors via support@liveboard.online!

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