Tutoring During School Holidays: Keep Kids Active Through Break

18 August 2022
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As the school holidays approach, parents worldwide are asking themselves the same question: how can I keep my kids active and engaged throughout these weeks? Tutoring during school holidays can become a great way to help improve academic performance when classes resume. While organizing the process can be daunting, there are specific tips and tricks to keep your children stimulated and eager to learn even during their time off.

Summer Slide “Syndrome”

More and more parents opt for tutoring during school holidays to keep their kids’ minds active. This can help prevent the so-called “summer slide.” Students tend to forget some of the information and skills they acquired during the previous school year. Summer learning loss usually happens during lengthy breaks, such as summer vacation or winter break. Students lose about two months of grade-level equivalency in mathematical computation knowledge and skills through long-term breaks. Moreover, literacy-related skills are also at risk, as students can forget up to one month of reading progress.

Summer slide, tutor with children learning a new lesson

Losing academic skills and knowledge is not the only negative consequence of the summer slide. Learning cycle gaps can also lead to a decrease in self-confidence and motivation. Students experiencing summer slides are more likely to start the new school year feeling unprepared and behind their peers, which can demotivate them and make them lose interest in learning.

It may be devastating for many children, but tutoring during school holidays can help prevent it. Summers schools spiced with tutoring, outdoor education and experiential learning strategies are designed to curb the effects of summer learning loss and the summer slide.   

Perks of Tutoring During School Holidays

The magnitude of summer slide effects might sound scary, but tutoring can help cope with the learning losses and keep kids’ minds active and engaged. There are many reasons why tutoring during school holidays can benefit your child. Some of the benefits associated with tutoring during schools holidays are:

Students struggling to overcome education gaps risk falling into higher-risk low-income groups than those who don’t. Tutoring during school holidays can help prevent this by providing the extra support they need to catch up.

Student trying to concentrate on her lesson

Students tend to score lower results for math assignments and tests at the end of summer than at the beginning. Tutoring during school holidays can help students keep their math skills sharp and avoid any summer learning loss. The modern generation tends to spend hours playing games and networking with their friends online. Tutors and parents can use this to their advantage by incorporating technology into the tutoring process, making it more fun and engaging (continue reading to learn more about this).

When out-of-school time takes longer than a couple of weeks, tutoring can help keep children supervised and prevent more significant losses. A tutoring program should be at least six weeks long to significantly impact a child’s education.

Long-term tutoring programs are more effective than one-time tutoring sessions or camps. But here’s the deal. How can tutors and parents organize tutoring during school holidays to help students develop a love for learning?

Tutoring Can Be Fun!

Organizing tutoring during school holidays doesn’t have to be a drag. On the contrary, tutoring can and should be fun! Whether you are a tutor or a parent, there are many ways to make tutoring an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Here are some ready-to-implement ideas for you!

Interactive Whiteboards Make Magic!

Educational tech tools such as whiteboards can make tutoring more fun and engaging. Whiteboards are excellent tutoring tools as they help visualize concepts, making them easier to understand. They also allow tutors to create fun and interactive games and activities.

If you are a tutor, consider investing in an interactive whiteboard with advanced integrations with graph editors and video calling features. This way, you can connect with your students no matter where they are, making tutoring more flexible and convenient.

LiveBoard is an excellent example of an interactive whiteboard that tutors and students can use for online tutoring. It is easy to use and has all the features to make any lesson interesting for the tech-savvy generation.

Make It a Game!

Another great way to make tutoring fun is by incorporating games into the lesson. Games are an excellent way to capture students’ attention and make learning more enjoyable.

There are many games that tutors can use to teach different concepts. For example, Hangman is a great game to review vocabulary words. Scrabble can be used to help students learn spelling and math concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division can be taught using card games such as Uno.

Tutoring shouldn’t be demotivating. Game-based learning is proved to be more effective as it makes tutoring more enjoyable. This way, students are more likely to retain the information.

Establish Good Work Ethic

Tutoring during school holidays can also help students develop a good work ethic. If children learn the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them from an early age, they are more likely to carry these values into adulthood.

Good work ethic instills skills like time management, discipline, and responsibility in children. These skills are essential not only for nurturing academic success but also for socialization and personal development.

Tutoring can help children develop a love for learning and a good work ethic that they can carry into adulthood. By making summer learning fun and interactive, tutors and parents can help children retain the information they learn and stay motivated throughout the process. What are some other techniques you use to make tutoring more fun? Share your tips with us via support@liveboard.online!

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