Explain Everything Alternatives: Top 8 Digital Whiteboards

15 May 2022
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When COVID-19 brought an unprecedented emergency in global education, online tools for teaching helped educators to adapt to the situation as much as possible. Today, an online whiteboard is one of the most used tools by educators. The list of the most popular options for this includes Explain Everything, which is used for teaching and remote team collaboration, just like many other digital whiteboards. As such, you are probably wondering what other whiteboards will provide you with all the essential tools for tutoring and teamwork, and even much more. If so, look no further. We have compiled a list of the top 10 Explain Everything alternatives!

Explain Everything is a user-friendly and smooth digital collaborative whiteboard used for both interactive teaching and, by companies, for teamwork processes. The software has long established itself among the best whiteboard apps to use online.

With this, you can easily create whiteboard instructional videos and share your feedback with the students, broadcast your classes, collaborate with students on the whiteboard itself, and much more. To make your presentations and conduct your classes live, you can use a wide variety of media, such as audio, video, and images. In addition to adding those from your device, it also syncs with Dropbox, Google Drive, and iTunes, making it even more versatile.

Top 10 Explain Everything Alternatives

There is a myriad of excellent alternatives that offer various advantages, perhaps more beneficial for your specific use case. The selection we’ve listed provides all of the features you want to see in a collaborative whiteboard to have interactive sessions with your students and effectively achieve pleasing results:

#1 LiveBoard

Whatever you teach online, LiveBoard is your friend. It is an online collaborative whiteboard perfect for all tutors and teachers ideal for classes in a remote environment. With LiveBoard, teachers, tutors, and other educators can hold live video sessions, create and share their lessons, and interactively work on projects with students.

LiveBoard incorporates an array of flexibility in teaching methods and tools. You can record animated video lessons, where you can add images and documents to the visuals, as well as draw and highlight the key points. You can do this on any device – phones, tablets, computers – doesn’t matter, and share it with your students.

Record your online lessons

One of the handy features of LiveBoard, which is not present in Explain Everything, is that it allows tutors to create quizzes on the spot to assess students’ grasp of the topic. The quizzes can be made as single and multiple choices. All you have to do is write the question, select the type and duration, add as many options as you wish, indicate which are the correct ones, and send them to students. After that, you can track which of the students are doing good and which ones need an additional explanation of the material.

LiveBoard quiz for online tutoring

With LiveBoard, you can easily access and paste shapes and formulas to your board, draw diagrams, create graphs, and make necessary notes with ease – all of this at your disposal in one digital whiteboard software, aimed to smooth the academic interaction between you and your student.

#2 MIRO Whiteboard

Miro whiteboard for online tutoring

MIRO is one of the most popular whiteboards used for teamwork and educational purposes. Its vast array of templates, stencils, icons, images, and shapes offers opportunities to create designs for any presentable occasion with ease. MIRO is also compatible with other popular online tools that facilitate collaboration and productivity, such as Zapier, Dropbox, Slack, and Google Drive. It incorporates a user-friendly and intuitive interface, perfect for conducting interactive and engaging classes and video presentations. 

#3 Microsoft 365 Whiteboard

Microsoft whiteboard for online teaching

Microsoft 365 Whiteboard comes with all of the features you will need for productive online classes and team collaboration. It allows you to use graphic organizers, frameworks, and games that will help you keep your students engaged in the class. Your student can also work with each other both asynchronously and in real-time, which you can keep track of from anywhere. Microsoft’s whiteboard is also rich with templates, ink arrows, sticky notes, shapes, lines, and other valuable tools.

#4 Conceptboard

Conceptboard online whiteboard

Conceptboard is a user-friendly digital whiteboard software with an impressive set of templates and tools. With Conceptboard’s drawing tools, shapes and text editing are a breeze. You can also use it for brainstorming sessions or to mark up key points on the go. The digital whiteboard software is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, and it can be used both online and offline. Conceptboard is perfect for education because it offers an eLearning template library for different subjects such as math, science, languages, or any else that you might need. The templates range from pre-created flowcharts, storyboards, mind maps to concept organizers, policy guides, and timelines.


Mural online whiteboard for tutors

MURAL is one of the most popular Explain Everything alternatives, which allows you to participate in creative and productive online collaboration. With its intuitive design, MURAL allows you to create designs, brainstorm ideas, and even draw on the same canvas simultaneously with your colleagues or students. You can also upload images, annotate text files, and share notes and information with those working on the same project. MURAL also comes with a wide range of templates for different tasks, making it easier to get started right away.

#6 Stormboard

Stormboard online whiteboard for tutors

Stormboard is a powerful digital whiteboard that enables you to design, present, and interact with others in intuitive ways. Here, you can easily draw ideas on your own whiteboard with all sorts of tools at your disposal, ranging from sticky notes to shapes and annotations. You can also use Stormboard as an idea management tool that can facilitate collaboration between groups to increase productivity. In addition, you can upload documents and images, add videos or voice recordings, and even vote on ideas to decide which ones are worth pursuing

#7 Classroomscreen

Classroomscreen online whiteboard

Classroomscreen is another Explain Everything alternative you’d want to consider trying, as it is a digital whiteboard software designed specifically for educators’ needs. It comes with features and tools that will help you plan and organize your lessons, manage your class, and engage your students in active learning. With Classroomscreen, you can create custom lesson plans, share handouts and multimedia files with your class, and track your students’ progress. You can also use it to conduct online classes or roll out virtual exams that incorporate multiple-choice questions and short answer prompts.

#8 LearnCube

Learncube online whiteboard

Just like the rest of Explain Everything alternatives, LearnCube is excellent for online classes and collaborative team projects. It offers a wide range of templates that you can use to get started and integrate local storage to keep your files offline. With LearnCube, you can create custom roles for different users in the project or class to ensure maximum privacy and security. The software also comes with an activity feed to keep track of what’s happening in the project in real-time.


There are many digital whiteboard software on the market, each with its own unique set of features and tools. When choosing a digital whiteboard for your needs, it is important to consider the type of project or class you will be using it for. For education, some key features to look for include eLearning template libraries, support for multiple users, and integration with local storage. For team collaboration, on the other hand, you will need features such as real-time collaboration, activity feed, and screen sharing. Whichever digital whiteboard you choose, make sure it has the features you need to get the most out of your experience.

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